One step at a time

Finding my way One step at a time When times are tough Go one step at a time Overcoming stress One step at a time Learning to cope One step at a time Not losing hope One step at a time Craving for cure One step at a time Letting it go One step at […]

Glow in Chorus

I’m an incomplete poem Looking for rhythm & flow Bewildered what’s lacking to give me cadence & glow. Glow that will illuminate my every line The one which has the power of enlightening minds. But often I tend to forget, a very simple thing One single firefly can’t brighten everything It takes a swarm of […]

How many times you ask people, give me your honest opinion?

Honest opinion: One asks for this only when they are in doubt but wants an agreement from others that their doubt is useless. The answer that they are looking for is always deep within.( mostly a Yes!). There is a tendency to ask for honest opinion only for things we want to hear a yes […]

Confusions often lead to conclusions, so no need to be scared.

Confusions often lead to conclusions, so if you are scared of your confusions don’t be. Some life situations are like those tricky mazes, the more complex they get, they may seem hard to get through but somewhere deep within we need to keep that inner spark, that will, that hope alive that Yes! there is […]

Be It Outside or the one inside. There is a lot of “Nature” to explore…

Life is not a game. Taking turns to see who wins & get fame. There is a horde to compete All are trying hard to deceive Some play silent games Using the power of that brain What should be my next move to remain Some play their best shot Putting all that they have got […]

Don’t you run for the power source when your mobile shows low battery. Let the friendship begin…

Are you a good friend? A simple phrase says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Let me ask you something, have you ever been friends with yourself? So, were you there to help yourself when you needed self care. If not, let the friendship begin. All I want to say is, it’s very […]