One step at a time

Finding my way One step at a time When times are tough Go one step at a time Overcoming stress One step at a time Learning to cope One step at a time Not losing hope One step at a time Craving for cure One step at a time Letting it go One step at […]

Life is not a rehearsal, play the best role now.

Writer can be understood better by another writer Just as the language of birds is understood by another bird. An ant could understand the language of another ant. A lot of depth & soul goes in writing…known only by a few the others are just trying. The ones who are trying with a growth mindset […]

A BiG Thank You…From 0 to 101 & to all those orange bright star that make my day :)

Yes, Today is one special day for me, as I have crossed that no. 100. It feels special. Just like that 100th day of school for Kindergarten kids :). Which calls for a celebration & the celebration is incomplete without the teachers & the friends who were there all through the journey, to make the […]

Reflections in the snow.

Oh! I love you my dear Nature. You are always there to provide that much needed warmth even in those winter months. Once I’m lost in you, I don’t feel like complaining anymore no matter how much colder it gets. If that’s your magic, you sure are a wonderful Magician! I feel so thankful for […]