Unfolding the Wings

 Birds are meant to fly Don’t cage them, their soul will die Their chirps & tweets are in perfect harmony When they sit & relax on trees. & as they take their flight Fluttering their wings in delight Hear the melody of the flock Together their singing rocks Soaring high up in the skies They […]

In the Middle of the Day

Originally posted on Ancient Skies:
In the middle of the day, the cherry blossoms reach, their full potential, bursting with color, while the rabbit nibles, on some dandilions, but what caught my attention, today, was the auto mechanic, whistling, singing a tune, impact wrench, changing a tire, hopeful, praying somehow, he could pay the rent…

A Love Story

Originally posted on The Starting End:
Once upon a time… The Snow fell in love With the mid-winter Sun Not knowing just what It was getting into, Not aware just yet, of the damage to come The Suns beauty, it speared Through the crisp, cold blue sky The Snow gleaming with worship, As the days…

Country Roads Are Like No Other no.4

Poems are many, but few touch your soul unless you know the depth there is no sense in reading more. Poems from the River…a collection of reflections by KURT BRINDLEY …a book of poetry sure to touch your soul as you turn the pages. This book is a must have for all those who understand […]