Life is not a rehearsal, play the best role now.

Writer can be understood better by another writer Just as the language of birds is understood by another bird. An ant could understand the language of another ant. A lot of depth & soul goes in writing…known only by a few the others are just trying. The ones who are trying with a growth mindset […]

You can’t be wrong when it comes to living! Just do it all Now.

Life is too short, just don’t say, realize before your life leaves you one day & what if that day is?  It’s now, this moment, do it, say it, make it happen, just let go of pain, grudges, anger, hurt, fill it with love & happiness & see how life changes for you & all […]

No worries if you can’t buy Gold, be happy with the silence.

Silence, learning when to be quiet. It’s so important. Sometimes just for the sake of peace. At least in those unimportant matters. Why to expect from & teach it to others? Let’s try to practice it in self. For the peace of ones own mind & soul & eventually for the benefit of all. May […]

Life cannot be enjoyed being a Robot, there is a heart in there for a reason.

Life cannot be enjoyed following a time table or a certain set list of to do things & not to do things in a day & so on. There is an age for everything. At some point in life, you need to give away your certain routines, to enjoy the flow of life, just as […]

Don’t you run for the power source when your mobile shows low battery. Let the friendship begin…

Are you a good friend? A simple phrase says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Let me ask you something, have you ever been friends with yourself? So, were you there to help yourself when you needed self care. If not, let the friendship begin. All I want to say is, it’s very […]