A BiG Thank You…From 0 to 101 & to all those orange bright star that make my day :)

Yes, Today is one special day for me, as I have crossed that no. 100. It feels special. Just like that 100th day of school for Kindergarten kids :). Which calls for a celebration & the celebration is incomplete without the teachers & the friends who were there all through the journey, to make the […]

Happy to receive my first award…The Liebster!

When people who inspire you, acknowledge your work, it feels great. I value all recognition that I have received so far, in the form of likes & follows. The purpose I moved to blogging was to reach out to more people through my thoughts. I’m very thankful to April (http://april4june6.wordpress.com) & Nishita (http://walkingtomydreams13.wordpress.com) for nominating […]

Are you looking for the secret of a healthy- glowing face? This is worth a try.

Have you tried all the cosmetics? All high brands? All home remedies? Tired of drinking those 8-10 glasses of water per day? Eating all your greens & fruits? But still looking at somebody else, & wondering my, what a beautiful,glowing skin? What’s the secret? I wish mine was like that too. No worries my friend, […]