Glow in Chorus

I’m an incomplete poem Looking for rhythm & flow Bewildered what’s lacking to give me cadence & glow. Glow that will illuminate my every line The one which has the power of enlightening minds. But often I tend to forget, a very simple thing One single firefly can’t brighten everything It takes a swarm of […]

Unfolding the Wings

 Birds are meant to fly Don’t cage them, their soul will die Their chirps & tweets are in perfect harmony When they sit & relax on trees. & as they take their flight Fluttering their wings in delight Hear the melody of the flock Together their singing rocks Soaring high up in the skies They […]

Hope leads to happiness…keep Going!

Rainbow gives happiness, but its the sun & the rain that give hope to expect this happiness. Look for the hopes in your life because they are the ones to lead you to happiness. It’s the journey that matters, because if we reach the final destination, there will be no reason left to travel. Never […]