Don’t Judge Me

Don’t judge me if I wake up late Or sleep past midnight another date. Don’t judge me if I overeat one day & diet & fast the next day. Don’t judge me if I rest or run, Some days I want to be lazy & on others win a marathon. Don’t judge me if I […]

My voice has the power to silence all, I’m just being polite to others.

I’m polite, don’t think me as dumb.  Be thankful for all the polite people in your life. It’s because of them you get a chance to roar. If they would retaliate, it would be hard for you to escape.  Be thankful to them for the peace they give to the planet.

Give your precious time only to those who deserve.

Time… How busy we actually are? Let’s be true to ourselves if not others. I’m tired of hearing from people that they didn’t have time to call somebody when the other person was in need but they really care for them. Their heart can’t stop thinking about the person but the brain is loaded with […]

Be It Outside or the one inside. There is a lot of “Nature” to explore…

Life is not a game. Taking turns to see who wins & get fame. There is a horde to compete All are trying hard to deceive Some play silent games Using the power of that brain What should be my next move to remain Some play their best shot Putting all that they have got […]