My voice has the power to silence all, I’m just being polite to others.

I’m polite, don’t think me as dumb.  Be thankful for all the polite people in your life. It’s because of them you get a chance to roar. If they would retaliate, it would be hard for you to escape.  Be thankful to them for the peace they give to the planet. Advertisements

No worries if you can’t buy Gold, be happy with the silence.

Silence, learning when to be quiet. It’s so important. Sometimes just for the sake of peace. At least in those unimportant matters. Why to expect from & teach it to others? Let’s try to practice it in self. For the peace of ones own mind & soul & eventually for the benefit of all. May […]

Resolutions are meant to be broken, how about we make opposite resolutions every year. ;)

Titles may not always relate with the content. Just as,  at times there is smile behind those tears. It’s the imperfections which lead to explorations. It’s the difference of opinion that helps in deciding. It’s the search that gives the clues. It’s the first step that makes the beginning. It’s the silence that speaks the […]