Give your precious time only to those who deserve.

Time… How busy we actually are? Let’s be true to ourselves if not others. I’m tired of hearing from people that they didn’t have time to call somebody when the other person was in need but they really care for them. Their heart can’t stop thinking about the person but the brain is loaded with […]

I wish I could buy, some time from time…

I wish I could buy, some time from time, so I can write those lines that keep popping in my mind. they often pop up, Without any siren or bell, & I don’t get enough time to pen them down anywhere, they don’t warn me before they come, give a call or message so I […]

You will be up & back to Tick-Tocking again.

If your clock goes out of battery that does not mean that time will come to halt for the whole world. No! that does not happen, don’t even expect that to happen. Get up! & get yourself a set of new batteries, once the battery goes in you will be up & back to tick-tocking […]